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The purpose of this site is primarily to separate the myth from the reality for the benefit of those who are born with a caul or those who are parents friends or family of caulbearers.

The proper title of those born with a proper caul is "caulbearer" For someone to be born with a caul is often referred to as being "born behind the veil" as the caul is also known as the veil.

There are many opinions in relation to the actual properties or otherwise of the caul, all depending on what society and time you happen to live in.These attributes vary from little or no significance to those of the utmost importance.

It is important to state at this point that caulbearers are both male and female and they may be from any racial, religious or other background. Only those confirmed as having their caul and following the philosophy of The Way can be titled caulbearer, as both are inextricably related. Further information on this aspect of the caul can be found on the newer website


What is a Caul?

Physical characteristics.

A caul is a membrane which covers the face of some children at birth. It is quite distinctive and rare but can not be mistaken for anything else once you have seen a real one. It is a mask of skin stuck to the new-born child's' face from its forehead right to below its chin like a layer of skin.This is why it is often referred to as the veil as it is like a face covering.

The most distinctive characteristic is the two loops of membrane which go around the ears to keep it in place.


How to remove a caul.

At birth the procedure to be used is firstly to cut two small holes for the nostrils and one for the mouth to let the new-born child breathe.

The caul should be then carefully removed by carefully slipping the ear loops from the child's ears and slowly peeling back the mask so as not to damage it. You should be aware that the caul itself should be regarded as being part of the child and should never be damaged or destroyed. One of the phenomena associated with   caulbearers who lose or have their caul damaged or destroyed is that they report a lifelong sense of loss even though they may not even be aware of even being born with one.


How do I preserve a caul?

There have been many and varied methods of preserving cauls over the millennia. Some have kept them in jars of water, some in paper envelopes, some in a small picture frame others such receptacles.

Possibly one of the best ways to preserve a caul these days is to place it on a backing piece of non acidic cardboard and cover it with clingfilm or other non reactive material. It should be kept away from heat, dust, light or other damaging elements such as moisture.


Other associated phenomena.

What the caul is not.

Children born with placenta or afterbirth stuck to their faces or heads are often referred to as being born with a "lucky cap" but this is not a caulbearer birth.

Some children are born with the birth lining(amniotic sac) still intact surrounding them.The medical term for this phenomena in medical terms is " en caul" but this is not a caulbearer birth and is a misunderstanding of what a caul birth is.


Legends and myths

Since time immemorial the caul has been held as a talisman of great importance.It is associated with the phenomena of kings by right of their birth.

As mankind developed and gained knowledge about the world that it lived in, it was noted that some individuals  were born with cauls and when certain celestial movements were recorded.

As knowledge progressed the people who watched the movements in the heavens became able to predict the time and place of birth of such individuals who were noted to have some peculiar traits and abilities.

These individuals appeared to be able to predict and be aware of certain patterns in Nature, such as when fish would be plentiful, locate underground water sources and generally direct their tribe in matters of social organisation or codes of conduct. Many became known as great teachers or healers.

They came to be regarded as great teachers of natural  law and judges in matters of conflict.Their main purpose was to act as a referee in matters which arose amongst their people.

This is why to this very day that Buddhist monks amongst other groups seek out young caulbearers to become successor Dalai Lamas.

In modern times there is little written information available about caulbearers except what is heard from old wives tales and superstition. The reason for this are many and varied, not least the attempt of the established religions to completely deny the existence of any real abilities of caulbearers as many of the belief systems and reconstituted mythologies which have become established religions are in fact based on the reality of caulbearers. The more prominent of these people included Moses, Buddha and Joshua Ben Miriam (more commonly known as Jesus the Christ)

As these people lives passed into the pages of time their abilities and philosophies rapidly became woven into myth and belief systems and were often used for the control of the masses.

Caulbearer children would be and still are sought out by the fraternity known as the Nazarenes or the Brotherhood of Light, who are part of The Way following.

At this point it is necessary to state that his phenomena has nothing to do with religion or belief in so far as it is understood these days. All matters of belief and superstition should be avoided when dealing with the caul.


How should I treat a caulbearer child?

Caulbearers may be born into families with any or no religious beliefs and social groups. They have no choice in this matter but it has been observed that the tendency to have caulbearer births does follow certain bloodlines.

In so far as you can, treat the child as normally as you would treat any other. However if the child appears to show tendencies to be aware of   phenomena which others do not seem to perceive then you should not attempt to convince the child that he or she is not actually doing so. We all live according to the limits of what we perceive or know and as this limitation varies from individual to individual we should not presume that others are not receptive to other levels of awareness. Denial of the child's experience will invariably cause confusion and may lead to depression and psychological difficulties in later life as they may be convinced by their family or peers that they are just imagining their experiences.

Most people will  at some point in their lives have experienced such odd things as knowing what someone is about to say  or that something is about to happen.

Such phenomena are given labels like "deja vu" or "ESP" but in reality they should be regarded as a heightened awareness or sensitivity to things which we are not normally aware of, and nothing to do with  the  nonsense which many practitioners of so called wisdom purport to espouse. This awareness is many times greater for caulbearers than for others. The parents of caulbearer children should not attach notional attributes of powers in the conventional sense to the phenomena, but should instead realise that their child's abilities can also be a burden to the child if they are guided in the wrong direction.


Finding or meeting other caulbearers.

The reality of the matter is that caulbearer births are quite rare probably as low as one in 800,000 births.

However this does not mean that two or more Caulbearers could not end up living quite close to each other or even that for every 800,000 births in a particular area there would be such a birth at all.

A caulbearer could spend their whole life without ever meeting another of their kind. Most likely though they may at some point meet another and may not understand what they have in common though they often feel a very strong attraction to one another.

This in itself, depending on social conditioning or other factors may give rise to thoughts which they may perceive to be of a sexual nature as they may not recognise the nature of what for them a very strong impulse, and mistake one for the other.

These feelings have nothing to do with sex though it is not so uncommon for two caulbearers to marry because they somehow  recognise a kindred spirit and are strongly attracted to it.

Many such people may not even be aware that the link is their caulbearer nature.


In general the best approach with caulbearer children as with any child is to take a balanced approach. However as caulbearers often perceive what most of us take for granted in a different manner this fact should be recognised for what it is and not an aberration. We all view the world according to our own individual criteria which is often based on taught systems of perception and understanding. What needs to be appreciated is that caulbearer children will almost invariably perceive things in a deeper manner and that this depth of intuitive perception is real and not imagined even though the child may not have words or concepts to explain exactly what is happening to them. Freedom to express their sensitivities and perceptions without fear of ridicule are very important with all children but even more so with caulbearer children

Mental Health.

Sadly, in many cases due to varying degrees of misunderstanding or ignorance by families, friends and society in general many caulbearers often have problems adjusting to  "normal" life. The degree of confusion and sometimes inability to understand what marks them apart from most of their peers depends on the depth of sensitivity. This varies from individual to individual and may range from mild sensitivity to deep sensation of  emotional turmoil and confusion. These sensations  vary from time to time.

In some cases the individual may become a loner, apart from the society which he or she has little in common with. In other cases parents may believe that the fact that their child's caul has some religious connection and may involve the efforts of clergy or even exorcists to somehow drive out the influence of   what they believe to be some negative force which is causing the child's "problem". Such action should be avoided at all costs as it will invariably compound the confusion of the child and may cause him or her to further retreat from reality.

A  percentage of caulbearers become depressive or dependent on medication or psychiatric care and sadly a significant number die by suicide due to the inability or unwillingness of family or society at large to understand them.

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